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I have a contracting / construction business and understand there is something called a ContractorCheck report. What is the relationship between a business credit report and a ContractorCheck report?

Answer :
A business credit report is a detailed reporting of a company's credit report history. A ContractorCheck report is a summary view of financial stability designed for consumers to make more informed hiring decisions on potential contractors for their home improvement projects. The contracting business's credit report detail is used, but not displayed in full, to create Experian's summary ContractorCheck report and rating.

ContractorCheck Pro is a combination report package that enables home improvement professionals the convenience of accessing their ContractorCheck report and their detailed business credit report together, with a full year of business monitoring to proactively manage their business profile. To learn more, visit

5 Reasons to Monitor Your Business

Business owner

  • 24/7 monitoring of your company's Experian credit score
  • Automatic email alerts of any unusual activity in your company's credit report that might indicate fraud
  • Unlimited access to your company's most up-to-date credit report and score
  • Dark Web Surveillance
  • Business Fraud Resolution Support

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