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As a supplier, if I report payment behavior data to Experian could competitors steal my customers?

Answer :
It is not possible for your competitors to steal your customers. Experian maintains strict confidentiality standards designed to limit access to, verify the integrity of and secure the privacy of new business information. Your company name is never displayed on a business credit report or revealed to other clients when they access Experian's business credit reports and products. We display only a general description of your industry. So your competitors can't target your customers or identify existing relationships.

5 Reasons to Monitor Your Business

Business owner

  • 24/7 monitoring of your company's Experian credit score
  • Automatic email alerts of any unusual activity in your company's credit report that might indicate fraud
  • Unlimited access to your company's most up-to-date credit report and score
  • Dark Web Surveillance
  • Business Fraud Resolution Support

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