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Why is blended data more predictive than consumer or business data alone?

Answer :
Blended data is combined business owner credit data and company credit data. Some small businesses just starting out have limited business credit information on file making it hard to decide who to extend credit to and what terms to set. As a result, some companies use a business owner's consumer score to determine risk. However, an Experian study in 2005 showed that consumer scores are a poor predictor of business risk. Blended data solves that problem by combining two sources of credit data – owner and business. Validations have shown that blended credit data is the most predictive of small business risk – up to 3x more predictive than a consumer or business credit score alone.

5 Reasons to Monitor Your Business

Business owner

  • 24/7 monitoring of your company's Experian credit score
  • Automatic email alerts of any unusual activity in your company's credit report that might indicate fraud
  • Unlimited access to your company's most up-to-date credit report and score
  • Dark Web Surveillance
  • Business Fraud Resolution Support

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