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Test your business credit score IQ

Business credit scores are vitally important to small businesses. In today's competitive market, a faulty credit score can dramatically affect the bottom line of any business and can lead to higher interest rates, difficulty in securing loans and potential problems with suppliers. Conversely, a favorable credit history can serve as the linchpin to success. It not only can save a small-business owner a considerable amount of money, but it also can provide access to capital with which to grow the business.

As the majority of lenders reference commercial credit scores when making lending decisions, small-business owners should educate themselves on the importance of establishing and maintaining good business credit.

Particularly important is the understanding of what a small-business commercial credit score is and how it affects a business. Below is a quick test for business owners to determine whether their commercial credit score knowledge is as well-honed as is necessary to survive in today's thriving small-business market.

Take this quiz to ensure that your commercial credit score is working to help your small business rather than working against your bottom line.


If I have a small business, I automatically have a small-business credit score.

There are no drawbacks to using my personal credit score, rather than a business credit score, when attempting to secure funding.

Anyone can request and view my business credit score.

There are things I can do to improve my business credit score.


Business Credit Tip

If you're a sole proprietor or a business owner with fewer than 20 employees, your personal and business credit scores are closely linked in the eyes of banks and other lenders. So it's important to take steps to protect both. You should monitor, evaluate and protect your credit standing just as you would protect any other business or personal assets. Learn more about protecting your credit.

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