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Requesting a copy of your company's credit report

Purchasing your company's Experian Business Credit Report

Experian provides you an easy way to obtain a copy of your own company's business credit report instantly online. An Experian business credit report can be purchased by you at any time for any reason and any purpose.

Purchasing an Experian Business Credit Report on another company

A business credit report can be purchased on your own business or on any company within the United States, such as a business client, supplier, vendor or partner. One does not need permissible purpose or authorization from the company, or business principal of the company, to obtain a business credit report on another company. You may purchase a business credit report instantly online to view another company's business credit information for any reason and any purpose.

When your request for business credit has been declined

If your company has been declined credit based upon an Experian business credit report within the past 60-days, Experian will provide you with access to a complimentary copy of your company's business credit report. Experian requires that you submit your request in writing, including the following information:

1.  State that you are requesting a copy of your company's Experian business credit report. You must include a copy of the notification letter from the creditor who declined you. If a copy is not available, Experian cannot provide you access to a complimentary business credit report.
2.  List your full business name, including any variations, and any names or prior names under which your company has operated (“doing business as” or “also known as”) for the past 10 years.
3.  List your company's current physical address(es) and P.O. Box(es).
4.  List your company's prior physical address(es) and P.O. Box(es) for the past 10 years.
5.  Provide the signature of an owner or officer of your company.

Please email this business information to:
   Experian Commercial Relations – RFR

If your business has not been denied credit, or you need your business credit report immediately, then you can purchase a copy of your business credit report at

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Business Credit Tip

If you're a sole proprietor or a business owner with fewer than 20 employees, your personal and business credit scores are closely linked in the eyes of banks and other lenders. So it's important to take steps to protect both. You should monitor, evaluate and protect your credit standing just as you would protect any other business or personal assets. Learn more about protecting your credit.

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